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Paul, 08Oct17

Lovely meal! Thank you so much!

Amy, 01Oct17

Lovely food, quick delivery service, food still hot when arrived. Thanks

Naomi, 30Sep17


Deborah, 29Sep17

Brilliant service

Bethan, 24Sep17

Burger was lovely

Lucy, 22Sep17

Fantastic Food, and fantastic prices, wouldn't go anywhere else :)

Claire, 12Sep17

Great, will use again

Hadley, 10Sep17

Best food ever

Gareth Finigan, 03Sep17

Highly recommend the special kebab box.

Gillian, 26Aug17

Love it

Lee, 26Aug17

The best in Nantwich

Lee, 25Aug17

Well done Varietys , yet another two great chicken tikka naans . Cheers

Simon, 08Aug17


Sam, 03Aug17

Excellent as always

Paul, 03Aug17

Excellent place and service..

David, 29Jul17

Amazing food with amazing service. Look forward to our takeaway at the weekends, it is a real treat from Varietys.

Paula, 22Jul17

Best Place around!

David, 07Jul17

tasty thanks

Victoria, 29Jun17


Max, 24Jun17

Excellent again, thank you!

Steve, 16Jun17

Good customer service and friendly staff

Lisa, 03Jun17

Fantastic food and super quick delivery!

Amy, 29May17

Excellent service

Heather, 27May17

Always go to variety because they have a large selection of food

Samantha, 21May17

Knock..Knock.. Who's there? I enquired. This was but the start of my 'Varities' experience, which although unbeknown to me at the time would change me for a lifetime... The smell. The aroma infact creeped up my left nostril and seized my brain like some rampaging chimp throwing a hissy fit from within my frontal lobe. The delivery! As he creeped down the path, the shade from his blue cap hid a smirk, which reached from ear to ear. He was ecstatic. Although his smirk was not of malice but of more a silent confidence that he knew the food, which he cradled in his arms as if it were his first born son, was that of high calibre. Well i have to concur to a high calibre it was. Although naturally like all things in life it had its slight flaws, which although minor, were still notable. The rice and curry itself presented itself as marginally aqeous, although this could be interpreted as 'Varities' truly connecting with its customer, with the very essence of Indian cuisine, through the use of this water to represent the iconic Ganges river, which is the traditional life force for all agriculture within India. This is a quintessential iconic experience which Varities Lamb vindaloo provided on a gleaming white plateau of boiled rice. Overall as my contemporary Tom Levins explains Varities did provide a Fantastic service and food as always. And from my prior experience with similar cuisine from the Cheshire area, 'Varities' certainly place themselves in the top quadrant of takeaways. And overall score 7.5 Sausages 10 Sausages.

Davey Sausage, 13May17